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Michael Osiris Snuffin
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h Companion// explores the symbolism of the Thoth tarot through a comprehensive analysis of this mysterio... ive secrets that Crowley encoded within the Thoth tarot. Chapter One of this book examines the trumps of ... wn's "Book T" and adopted by Crowley in the Thoth tarot. Chapter Three analyzes the symbolism of the suit cards of the Thoth tarot. Chapter Four gives instructions for tarot divina
AL-KT Banishing
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of the magical formula AL-KT is derived from the tarot trumps. In the tarot, Aleph is The Fool, which represents boundless creative force; Lamed is Adjustment,
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An Evocation Bibliography
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nts of group workings and their results. **--- //Tarot of Ceremonial Magick//. Weiser: 1995.** In my op
On the Nature of Anubis
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}} In the Moon card of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck we find the image of Anubis in dual form gua