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Chapter III More Light on the Tarot Trumps @achad:egyptian
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gypt4|Next]] ===== Chapter III More Light on the Tarot Trumps ===== In the Appendix to "Q. B. L. or The... ibility of arranging the Twenty-two Trumps of the Tarot on the Paths of the Tree of Life so that the Astr... lkuth. On the Path from Kether to Chokmah is the Tarot Trump called "The Wheel of Fortune," the Key of D... h, and from Binah to Tiphereth. According to the Tarot Keys these are "The Sun" and "The Devil"; the twi
Concerning the Literal Qabalah and the Methods of Gematria, Notaricon and Temurah @achad:qbl
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also obtain the "Key Note" of Words through their TAROT correspondences, after having reduced their numbe... 1+0+5+0=6 we may refer it to the VIth Key of the Tarot, which proves to be THE LOVERS. Since the Hebrew ... s to mean "coition" we find an instance where the Tarot may throw valuable light on the matter and is the... l Word in this instance, but again we may try the Tarot. The first letter of our word is Nun = 50 = Tarot
Being Some Account of the Ineffable Name and of the Four Worlds With Their Correspondences to the Minor Arcana of the Tarot @achad:qbl
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Their Correspondences to the Minor Arcana of the Tarot ====== [[qbl-chapter-4|Previous]] [[Index]] [[qb... THEIR CORRESPONDENCES TO THE MINOR ARCANA OF THE TAROT. We must now consider what the Qabalists have to... se Worlds are symbolized by the FOUR SUITS in the TAROT, viz.:- WANDS, CUPS, SWORDS and PENTACLES. Notice... th, the Daughter. These again correspond with the Tarot Symbols, Wands = Fire, Cups = Water, Swords = Air
Appendices @achad:qbl
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without using, for instance, their Yetziratic or Tarot Correspondences.   **APPENDIX TO** **CHAPTERS ... HE TWENTY-TWO PATHS AND THE\\ ATTRIBUTIONS OF THE TAROT TRUMPS. SECTION 1. Having written as far as the... ading from MALKUTH to YESOD and attributed to the Tarot Trump marked O = THE FOOL. We shall then find by... orm the Winged Globe of the Third Order. Also the Tarot Trump "The Judgment" shows this, for we have the
Concerning the Tarot Trumps and Their Attributions to the Hebrew Alphabet @achad:qbl
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====== Concerning the Tarot Trumps and Their Attributions to the Hebrew Alphabet ====== [[qbl-chapter-3|... apter-5|Next]] **CHAPTER FOUR.** CONCERNING THE TAROT TRUMPS AND THEIR\\ ATTRIBUTIONS TO THE HEBREW ALP... . There have been many false attributions of the Tarot Trumps to the Hebrew Alphabet and only one true p... pt anything approaching a full explanation of the TAROT, but since there is a very direct correspondence
Concerning Numbers, Symbols and Matters Cognate @achad:qbl
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|  | |There are 78 cards in the Tarot. The Mystic Number of Kether as Hua. The sum of t... ive an example of the way in which we may use the TAROT SYMBOLS for the interpretation of certain WORDS. ... hiroth in a similar manner. The Symbolism of the Tarot Trumps being Universal, many interpretations coul... NAMES OF THE SEPHIROTH FROM MALKUTH TO KETHER BY TAROT. Fra∴ Aleph June 12,1922, E. V. |10. Malkuth. |*
Preface @achad:egyptian
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rd to the Universal Tradition as disclosed by the Tarot Trumps. Some months ago, I prepared a treatise e... d that the inquiry is by no means exhausted. The Tarot Trumps, being a sort of Universal Alphabet, may o... ]] If by this means we obtain "More Light on the Tarot Trumps" and the Universal Tradition, which transc
Chapter IV The Sun, The Devil, and the Redeemer @achad:egyptian
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un at the Dark Stage, and from Pisces which is by Tarot the "Moon". These together make the True Gold of ... ruth, as indicated by the Path of Pisces, and the Tarot Key "The Moon". The Primal idea of the Supreme as... . The Figure of Baphomet, or the XVth Key of the Tarot, depicts the Symbolism of Tiphereth perfectly, fr
Chapter VIII The Tradition of the Golden Age @achad:egyptian
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gard to Hermes, He who has given us His Book, the Tarot, as a true token of remembrance, of Whom we have ... th the teaching herein set forth, the Keys of the Tarot, and the Reformulation of the Paths. It is enough
Chapter III @achad:anatomy
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us by the combined ideas of 1 and 0 or 10. In the Tarot the Letter Aleph (1) is that of Air, and also of ... ok 777. The Book of Hermes, or Thoth, called the Tarot, contains Twenty-two symbolic Designs, which have
Q. B. L. @achad:qbl
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. [[qbl-chapter-4|Chapter IV.]]\\ Concerning the Tarot Trumps and Their Attributions to the Hebrew Alpha... Their Correspondences to the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. [[qbl-chapter-6|Chapter VI.]]\\ Concerning the
Additional Notes on Liber Legis @achad:misc
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al, the Pure Fool, can be reduced to "Nothing" by Tarot. But there is another concealed meaning, which s
The Qabalistic and Thelemic Works of Frater Achad
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evival or the Ever-Coming Son in the Light of the Tarot]] [[./anatomy/|The Anatomy of the Body of God]]
The Egyptian Revival @achad:egyptian
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or\\ The Ever-Coming Son\\ in\\ The Light of the Tarot</TEXT> By Frater Achad === Transcriber's Notes
Chapter VI Further Light on the Tree of Life @achad:egyptian
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thus entering Gemini. This seems indicated in the Tarot Trump "The Moon" where we notice the Beetle comin
Of the Kingdom and of the Bride @achad:qbl
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Chapter I Light on the Egyptian Revival @achad:egyptian
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Chapter IX @achad:anatomy
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Chapter IV @achad:anatomy
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LIBER THIRTY-ONE @achad:misc
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