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Frieda Lady Harris
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s best known as the artist executant of the Thoth Tarot. She was the one who suggested to Aleister Crowley that they work on creating a Tarot deck to his specifications, and she provided him ... roject expanded into a radical revisioning of the Tarot, along with an accompanying book. Created in the... ’s artwork is iconic, from the standpoint of both Tarot history and Thelemic imagery, and the Thoth Tarot
The Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church: an Examination
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ign of Leo, the //lion//. Teth corresponds to the Tarot Trump called "Lust," or, in the old system, "Stre... o the Hebrew letter Nun, which corresponds to the Tarot Trump called "Death." Leo can be viewed as repres... as symbolized by Atu XV, the "Devil" Trump of the Tarot. -by AThBaSh Temurah: tmwpb (Baphomet) = )ypw# (... t in his now famous drawing of "The Devil" of the Tarot, a winged, goat-headed being with human female br
Docteur Gérard (Anaclet Vincent) Encausse
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d as an author of books on magic, Qabalah and the Tarot, and as a prominent figure in the various occulti... Bibliothèque Nationale studying the Qabalah, the Tarot, the sciences of magic and alchemy, and the writi... ité élementaire de science occulte// (1888), //Le tarot des bohémiens// (1889), //Traité méthodique de science occulte// (1891). //Le tarot divinatoire// (1909), //Traité méthodique de magi
The Kiblah
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ee of Life, which is attributed to the alchemical Tarot Trump "Temperance" or "Art," which connects the L... path of Peh. The path of Peh is attributed to the Tarot Trump "The Tower" or "The House of God." Recall t
The Gnostic Mass: Annotations and Commentary by Helena and Tau Apiryon
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tar) and Moon (Font); cf. the Two of Discs of the Tarot. During these travels by the Priestess and the C... ap ficus></wrap> This gesture is depicted on the Tarot Trump "Fortune," attributed to the Hebrew letter
From the Grand Master—1 May 2002 e.v.
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s //Homunculus// on the Hermit Trump of the Thoth Tarot Deck. Opposed to the spermist preformationists we... he discovery of DNA. The Devil Trump of the Thoth Tarot deck contains an image that appears to be a diagr
Alphonse Louis Constant
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sm, Gnosticism, Masonry, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, Tarot, Mesmerism, Spiritism, along with the writings of
The Formula of Tetragrammaton in the Gnostic Mass
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buted to the four elements, the four suits of the Tarot, the four worlds of kabbalism, and all other conc
NOTOCON VI: 10 Aug 2007 e.v. -- Salem, Massachusetts.
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l Brother Vere up here to update you on the Thoth Tarot restoration project. [WILL] //Break for Banquet
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"all-devourer." In this aspect he is portrayed in Tarot Trump XV. Pan is also said to have seduced the n