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with various other resources and references\\ [[neuburg:|The Triumph of Victor Benjamin Neuburg]]\\ Collected works by the poet, magickal partner and initiate Victor Benjamin Neuburg (Frater Omnia Vincam / Lampada Tradam)\\ [[fulle
The Flame of Love @eberly
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Paris Working]], Aleister Crowley and his partner Victor Neuburg received a vision of their previous lives in ancient Crete: Crowley as a temple dancing girl and Neuburg as a young candidate for initiation. As a result ... llowship, Los Angeles, 1972. Zain. C. C. (Elbert Benjamine). The Religion of the Stars, The Brotherhood of
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/]] * [[/crowley/equinox/i/viii/eqi08023]] by [[Victor Benjamin Neuburg]]—"what's meant I shall say / By the novels of Ev
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gdom ==== Comments ==== Extensive mentions of [[Victor Benjamin Neuburg]], [[Aleister Crowley]], &c. in //The Magic of My