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Chapter II @legis:magical-philosophical-commentaries
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enough until you know what is too much.” So wrote William O'Neill.((Crowley means William Blake. It was Yeats, an Irish nationalist, who first put forth the view that Blake was of Irish stock and of the name of O'Neill. See //The Works of William Blake//, edited by Edwin John Ellis and William Butler Yeats in 3 volumes, 1893. No Blake scholar upholds this view.)) Progress, as its very etymology
Index of Magical and Philosophical Commentaries @legis:magical-philosophical-commentaries
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meneuticon/Black Dragon]], 246\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Blake, William]], 238\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Blasted Tower]], 129, 1... icon/Onan]], 148, 287\\ [[/hermeneuticon/O’Neill, William]] (Blake), 238\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Opium]], 174\\ [[/hermen... of the Equinox]], 162\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Works of William Blake]] (Ellis and Yeats), 238\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Yang
Review @crowley:equinox:i:iii
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ry there was none found to give it Voice."\\ Poor Blake! (William Blake, you know! Never heard of William Blake?)\\ "For this school it is quite impossible that Shakespeare, for example, should possess any cons... ly. It seems a pity that Mr. Waite has no use for William Shakespeare!\\ The fact is (whatever George Hume
Mercury in Scorpio @crowley:astrology:your-place-among-the-stars
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is is exemplified in its highest and best form by William Blake, probably the most profound mystic that the Engli... ill Ex-President James A. Garfield John Bright William Blake Oscar Wilde Robert Louis Stevenson Gandhi The
Book 4, Part II @crowley:book-4
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ok called "The Cannon,"((WEH footnote: written by William Stirling)) (Elkin Mathews), which should be studi... nce organization has taken place it is sacred. As Blake says: "Everything that lives is holy"; and hence
Light on the Way @wilmshurst:masonic-initiation
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, and for becoming "perfect in all our parts." As William Blake said very truly: "If the gates of human perceptio
Books by Michael Osiris Snuffin @osiris
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n by influential English and French authors, from William Blake’s //Marriage of Heaven and Hell// to Anatole Fran
Mercury in Aquarius @crowley:astrology:your-place-among-the-stars
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. Compare Swedenborg, who had this position, with Blake, whose Mercury was in Scorpio, the writings of bo... ngton Luther Burbank Harriet Stanton Black Dr. William S. Bainbridge Colonel George Harvey Emile Coue