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====== William Blake ====== <WRAP right 33%> {{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-calendar-aug-12-william-blake.png?nolink |Greater Feast of William Blake, died August 12, 1827 at Westminster, United King... in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library}} </WRAP> **William Blake** "It is not very sensible to compare Mr. Gibran... "—[[/crowley/equinox/iii/i/eq0301275]] "The name William Blake was added to the list by Patriarch Hymenaeus Beta
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ermeneuticon/Black Star]], 224\\ [[/hermeneuticon/William Blake|Blake, William]], 305, 352\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Helena Petrovna Blavatsky|Blavatsky, Helena Petrovna]], 41, 42, 43... nsfeld Jones|C.S. Jones]]), 29\\ [[/hermeneuticon/William Frazer|Frazer, Sir William]], 28, 36, 146\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Freemasonry]], 74\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Free Wil
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{{tag>figure}} ====== William Blake ====== * [[/yeats/ideas-of-good-and-evil/william-blake-and-the-imagination]] * [[/yeats/ideas-of-good-and-evil/william-blake-and-his-illustrations-to-the-divine-comedy]] * [[/hermeneuticon/william-blake]] * Search the library for [[thls>william blak
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he ordinary sense of the word, but an artist like Blake. Her preface on Time might have come from a Book ... t is not very sensible to compare Mr. Gibran with Blake, because Blake was a genius whose every act was wrought from the white heat of passion. This is a smalle... ” Good boy!  A. C.   INDIA AND THE FUTURE. By WILLIAM ARCHER. Alfred A. Knopf. MR. ARCHER has been thr
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enough until you know what is too much.” So wrote William O'Neill.((Crowley means William Blake. It was Yeats, an Irish nationalist, who first put forth the view that Blake was of Irish stock and of the name of O'Neill. See //The Works of William Blake//, edited by Edwin John Ellis and William Butler Yeats in 3 volumes, 1893. No Blake scholar upholds this view.)) Progress, as its very etymology
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lfgang von Goethe | Wolfgang von Goethe | | | [[William Blake]] | | | | William Blake | | [[Ludovicus Rex Bavariæ]] | Ludovicus Rex Ba... at the end; and presumably [[Hymenaeus Beta]], [[William Breeze]], would be included when he passes his of
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rmally canonized by our Patriarch Hymenaeus Beta. William Blake was added in the Fall of 1997 e.v., based on Crowley's essay "William Blake," subsequently published in //Oriflamme// 2 (//Th... ck//). In the full version of the Saints Collect, Blake may be inserted among the poets, between Rabelais
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el, Schelling, Emmanuel Swedenborg, [[gmnotes.htm#blake|William Blake]], and George Fox, founder of the Quakers. Boehme's teachings were also influential in the develop
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(luckily for him) express himself in mean ways.  William Blake is an example of the other side of the picture. H... tead of Neptune, he might have been as austere as Blake, and as successful as Maeterlinck.  The glow and
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hristianity]] * [[/yeats/ideas-of-good-and-evil/william-blake-and-the-imagination]] * [[/egc/masonic]] * [[
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====== 1827 ====== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[William Blake]], died [[August 12]], [[1827]] at Westminster, Unit
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|Liturgical Calendar]] * [[Greater Feast]] of [[William Blake]], died [[August 12]], [[1827]] at Westminster, U
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|Liturgical Calendar]] * [[Greater Feast]] of [[William Blake]], died [[August 12]], [[1827]] at Westminster, U
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orking with the Zodiac. Mr. Hume is the master of William Blake Camp of the Ordo Templi Orientis in Washington, D
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ok called "The Cannon,"((WEH footnote: written by William Stirling)) (Elkin Mathews), which should be studi... nce organization has taken place it is sacred. As Blake says: "Everything that lives is holy"; and hence