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{{tag>person}} ====== Abufalah ====== Abufalah the Saraquisti aka of Syracuse, who might have been [[Abraham Abulafia]] aka Raziel Italy... Heleq ha Ma'aseh; ==== Search ==== * [[thls>Abufalah]] ==== External references ==== * History of Alchemy podcast episode 76 - Abufalah, Soul Dust, and making a Basilisk * The Jewish
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[[Ethan Allen Hitchcock]]; [[Raphael Patai‎]]; [[Abufalah]]; Georgius Syncellus, author of Chronographia; O
Yohanan Alemanno @hermeneuticon
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eon of Mantua; [[Aristotle]]; [[King Solomon]]; [[Abufalah]] the Alchemist; Japheth, son of Noah; Rabbi Abra
Abraham Abulafia @hermeneuticon
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God” aka Zechariah aka Abulafia of Sargossa aka [[Abufalah]] the Saraquisti aka Ezra ben Solomon Spain 124