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THE SOLDIER AND THE HUNCHBACK @information:the-soldier-and-the-hunchback
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into Christianity is assuredly to mock at it”\\ — Aleister Crowley’s [[/crowley/equinox/i/i/eqi01012|The Soldier and the Hunchbac... e expression of his slackness and stupidity.”\\ — Aleister Crowley’s [[/crowley/equinox/i/i/eqi01012|The Soldier and the Hunchbac... inhibits action, as much as faith binds it.”\\ — Aleister Crowley’s [[/crowley/libers/lib333#commentary-mu-eta|Commentary (ΜΕ)]] on [[/crowley/libers/lib333#kephale-mu-eta|ΚΕΦΑΛΗ ΜΕ]] [[/crowl
FREEDOM IS IN PERIL @information:freedom-is-in-peril
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w1ioV|T-Shirt]] </TEXT> </WRAP> “Our forefather, Aleister Crowley wrote that we “have the right to live by our own ... d each case must be judged by its own Nature.”\\ —Aleister Crowley, [[/legis/djeridensis/|The Djeridensis Working]]
THE PROPHETS IT DESERVES @information:the-prophets-it-deserves
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l at home. One cannot initiate imbeciles.”\\ — [[/crowley/confessions/|The Confessions of Aleister Crowley]], [[/crowley/confessions/chapter86|Chapter 86]] \\ ==== Search the Hermetic Library ==== * [[thls>p
LIFE ETERNAL AND UNIVERSAL @information:life-eternal-and-universal
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writings: Love is the law, love under will.” — Aleister Crowley, [[/crowley/international/xii/3/good-hunting|Good Hunting! An
Harry Smith @hermeneuticon
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ated with the magician and self-appointed prophet Aleister Crowley), and believed that the careful accumulation and
Scholar @anthology:profile:scholar
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ris) Magick with a “K” is rhythmic invocation of Aleister Crowley’s classic eponymous book. </WRAP> ==== News ===