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The Book of Wisdom or Folly
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WILD BEAST to his Son 777 by THE MASTER THERION (Aleister Crowley)   AN XIV\\ ☉ in ♈\\ ☾ in ♈   A∴A∴ Publicatio... om the complacent Camel. > > —The Confessions of Aleister Crowley   ===== Books ===== [[amazon>0877287295|{{:crowley:book-of-wisdom-or-folly:liber-aleph-vel-cxi-aleister-crowley.jpg?nolink|}}]]  
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link |Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom or Folly by Aleister Crowley at Hermetic Library}}]] <list-group> * [[index... <list-group> * [[crowley:books:|Books]] * [[crowley:|Aleister Crowley]] * [[figures:|Figures]] * [[:|Hermetic Library]] </list-group>