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The Influence of Aleister Crowley upon “Ye Bok of ye Art Magical”
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====== The Influence of Aleister Crowley upon “Ye Bok of ye Art Magical” ====== The Influence of Aleister Crowley upon “Ye Bok of ye Art Magical”\\ by Roger Dearna... 1960’s, there has been a rumour circulating that Aleister Crowley wrote the Wiccan rituals for Gerald Gardner.<sup>[[the-influence-of-aleister-crowley#note1|1]]</sup> One author has gone so far as to
Wicca and O.T.O.
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ia" --- taken from "Rodin in Rime", _The Works of Aleister Crowley_ Vol. III, 1907 e.v.. The three degree rituals u... st year. The following is from the last diary of Aleister Crowley, 1947 e.v.: "May "Thur 1 Miss Eva Collins. Dr. G... f May and all of June-November on a single page. Crowley did maintain a considerable correspondence in '47, but had breaks of weeks due to illness. Crowley could not have written the Book of Shadows with t
The Wiccan Great Rite: Hieros Gamos in the Modern West
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h came to England through the prominent occultist Aleister Crowley with his 1912 Initiation into the OTO.[[the-wicca... adapted from //Magick in Theory and Practice// by Aleister Crowley, and particularly from the //Gnostic Mass// (Libe... ut slightly more than half of it is reworked from Aleister Crowley. If the ritual of Great Rite is now to be perfor... ation, largely taken from the //Gnostic Mass// by Aleister Crowley and at each point marked by a star (*) below, kis
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animal sticks to his subconscious ideas..." > > Aleister Crowley\\ > [[../confessions/chapter31|The Confessions, C... am. It seemed to be a cold January afternoon, and Aleister Crowley was having Gerald Gardner over to tea. It was 194... excuse my explicitness." For all his infirmity, Aleister Crowley almost sprang to his feet, a little of the old en... d magus and venerable prophet of the occult world Aleister Crowley, and the first popularizer, if not outright inven
Other works of interest for Crowley research by other authors
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~~NOTOC~~ <WRAP box center 99%> [[/crowley/|Aleister Crowley]] | [[/crowley/articles/|Articles]] | [[/crowley/books/... owley:other:crowley-pessoa-chess.jpg?nolink |}}\\ Aleister Crowley and Fernando Pessoa playing chess in Lisbon, 1930 * [[aleister-crowley-chess-master|Aleister Crowley…Chess Master?!]] by Robert T. Tuohey * [[notes-from-aleister-crowleys-chess-set|Notes From Aleister Crowley's Chess Set]] by Robert T. Tuohey * [[crowley-v
Transcribed and annotated by Robert T. Tuohey
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nnotated by Robert T. Tuohey ===== {{:notes-from-aleister-crowley-in-play.jpg?400x275}} Despite a number of biogra... ce it found its way to Mr. Feazey). [[notes-from-aleister-crowley-handwriting.jpg|{{:notes-from-aleister-crowley-handwriting-thumb.jpg?575x256}}]]\\ //Click on th... s in the games. - Here is a zipped [[|PGN file]] of these Notes and Crowley’s other chess games. **Notes From Aleister Crowley’s Chess Set** Notes for beginners in chess: > Knight at R4 is
by Robert T. Tuohey, with the generous research assistance of John S. Hilbert
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er-whitaker.jpg}}| As alluded to in my article [[aleister-crowley-chess-master.html|Aleister Crowley…Chess Master?!]] apocryphal Great Beast games are... unday, May 28, 1916\\ //Whitaker Vs. Crowley// //Aleister Crowley, the London poet and mystic, who is in the city, ... ou didn’t think I was gonna let this slip by?): **Aleister Crowley - Whitaker [C40]\\ National Press Club, 1916** *... h1 26.Rxh1 Qxd4 **Washington Post, May 28, 1916 "Aleister Crowley, the London poet and mystic, who is in the city,
by Robert T. Tuohey
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ght now.]]| ===== by Robert T. Tuohey ===== {{:aleister-crowley-chess-master-crowleyotb.jpg?251x300}}\\ **Imagine facing this guy…OTB!** Let’s get one thing straight: Aleister Crowley has been called a lot of things by a lot of peopl... t Maugham, in “A Fragment of Autobiography”<sup>[[aleister-crowley-chess-master.html#note1|1]]</sup>, called Crowley “…a fake, but not entirely a fake”. In a similar ... ngway, tongue-in-cheek and pernod-in-hand, tagged Crowley “the Devil’s Disciple”<sup>[[aleister-crowley-chess-master.html#note2|2]]</sup>. And ye