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Masonic Legacy: Craft Symbolism in the Gnostic Mass
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. Upper Saddle River. Prentice-Hall, Inc, 1998.\\ Crowley, Aleister.  The Equinox, Volume I; Number 10. York Beach. Weiser, 1993.\\ Crowley, Aleister.  Magick ABA: Book IV. York Beach. Weiser, 1998.\
Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
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ormat. Essays by Others * [[sabazius:bapnotes|Crowley's Baptism Notes]] by Aleister Crowley * [[creed|Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church]] by Aleister Crowley * [[liberxv-adeptusminor|Liber XV and the Adept
"the Aeon of the Death Cookie"
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'm concerned. When I finish, I always finish with Aleister Crowley, Karl Johannes Germer, and - **Jerome**: They ha... heory and Practice, which is notorious for typos. Crowley is one of the few who let somebody else handle th... *Richard**: It's something I learned from reading Crowley's diaries, frankly. His attitude seems to be, "us... - ready for rebirth again.You'll find in a lot of Crowley's stuff, it's cyclic. Everything comes around. Ev
Thelemic Catholicism
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Gnostic Church is its history as an institution. Aleister Crowley's E.G.C. was derived from the G.K.K. (//Gnostisch... Scholarly inquiry may have finally discovered in Crowley's correspondence his claim to have received legit... thus has had the power to retroactively recognize Crowley and legitimate lines of E.G.C. descending from hi... , the transmission of the initiatory current from Crowley within [[|O.T.O.]] forms the
The Gnostic Mass: An Appreciation
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erable controversy among the Gnostic Catholics of Aleister Crowley's communion. I say "of course" because Crowley, wittingly or not, wrote this stage direction in ... ny particular situation may demand. Forasmuch as Aleister Crowley's text of the Gnostic Mass is marvelously ambiguo... ntric sex will be very briefly mentioned. If, as Crowley defines it, doing Magick involves "causing Change... The Gnostic Mass is arguably a prime example of Crowley at his literary best, and it may certainly be stu
A First Look at the Gnostic Mass as performed at Circle of Stars Sanctuary
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appears as an appendix to the current edition of Aleister Crowley's Magick (Book 4) is the most authoritative, havi... ugh the ritual quotes from our sacred scripture [[crowley:libers:lib220|The Book of the Law]] (also known a... fulfill that which is written in the holy book [[crowley:libers:lib66|Stellae Rubae]]: "I will give thee a
Ecclesiæ Gnosticæ Catholicæ Canon Missæ
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Gerard Encausse], [Doctor Theodor Reuss] et [Sir Aleister Crowley]. O filii Leonis et Serpentis!  Commemoramus cum
Sacred Weapons of the Mass
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eigh; and Lincoln. //Holy Blood, Holy Grail// * Crowley, Aleister. //Book Four// * %%__%%%%__%%%%__%%%%__%%%%__%%
An Analysis of the Gnostic Mass
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be of great benefit to everyone who has seen it. Aleister Crowley was a gifted ritualist, but the full extent of th... Quette, IBS and //Red Flame// No. 2, the works of Aleister Crowley, and my own experience and study as a Priest of t... , [Salvador Dali] //Doctor Theodor Reuss, and Sir Aleister Crowley// May their Essence be here present, potent, pui... them was taken from ‘The Ship,’ a play written by Crowley which represents, in allegorical form, the legend
Liber XV
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r Gaerard Encausse, Doctor Theodor Reuss, and Sir Aleister Crowley - Oh Sons of the Lion and the Snake! with all thy
Gnostics and Templars
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dor Reuss. 1912 - Bishop Reuss consecrated Msgr. Aleister Crowley. 1944 - Bishop Crowley consecrated Msgr. Grady McMurtry. 1983 - Bishop McMurtry consecrated Msgr. Tav Si... ssion some years later. There is speculation that Crowley received separate consecration from Encausse afte... c bodies exist outside of the OTO. Dr. Reuss and Crowley, successive Outer Heads of the Order, were both g
Functional and Symbolic Correspondences between EGC & MMM
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canonizations of saints in EGC since the death of Aleister Crowley have been those of the subsequent Past Fratres Su