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Path-working on the Qabalistic Tree of Life
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for a different set of attributions, for example, Aleister Crowley. Although in his 1907 reference book __777__ he p... cted] [[Index]] \\ ==== Bibliography ==== Crowley, Aleister : __777__ Crowley, Aleister: __The Book of Thoth__. Crowley, Vivianne: __Jungian Spirituality__, Thorsons, 1998. ... st dogmatic of them all." __The Book of Thoth__, Aleister Crowley, //III The Atu of Tahuti//. </WRAP> [20] The Pat
The Tree of Life
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yn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 1998. Crowley, Aleister. __777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley__. Samuel Weiser, Inc., York Beach, Maine, USA, 1998. Davidson, Gustav. __A Dictionary of Angels_