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A Guide to the Study of Thelema
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as Lévi ==== {{:eidolons:200px-eliphas_levi.jpg |Alphonse Louis Constant, aka Eliphas Lévi}} Eliphas Lévi was born Alphonse Louis Constant in 1810, and was a very influential writer on the topic... i|Eliphas Lévi]] (Wikipedia) * [[/sabazius/levi|Alphonse Louis Constant]], bio by T. Apiryon * [[https://altreligion.ab
The Gnostic Mass
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n Goethe, Ludovicus Rex Bavariae, Richard Wagner, Alphonse Louis Constant, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hargrave Jennings, Carl Kel
A Guide to the Office of Deacon
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vahr-ee-ay\\ Richard Wagner: Ree-khard Vahg-ner\\ Alphonse Louis Constant: Ahl-fohnss Loo-ee Kohn-stahnt\\ Friedrich Nietzc