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The Moon under Her Feet
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:anna2.jpg}} Being an Acclamation of\\ Madam Dr. Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford\\ (Inductee of the Order of the Eagle of of the U... endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved.” —Anna Kingsford, “Hymn to Hephaistos” (paraphrasing Matthew 25:13... sm, receiving the name Mary at her confirmation. Anna Kingsford quickly found focuses for her intellectual energi... eat Hermetists and Theosophists of our day, of Dr Anna Kingsford, of whom death prematurely robbed us. She was ind
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f these are helpfully inventoried in [[|the 18th Illumination]] of Dame Anna Kingsford's //Clothed with the Sun//. An incremented exampl
Office of Daimonic Vespers
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nor” (from //The Temple of the Holy Ghost//), and Anna Kingsford’s //Book of the Mysteries of God.// ---- <WRAP ... , Sir Francis Dashwood, Paschal Beverly Randolph, Anna Kingsford, Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Emma Hardinge
A Discourse on the Second Article
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With occultism and theosophy\\ We can find Doctor Anna Kingsford\\ A famous mystic, author and lecturer,\\ Propone... s a seedbed for the Golden Dawn.\\ Crowley called Kingsford a “religious genius”\\ She received many inspired... y return,\\ O Mother of birth and sleep! </WRAP> Kingsford believed in that, and so do I! <WRAP indent> **A
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ve, that the dragon of Matter makes war. > --Dame Anna Kingsford * [[jgub19|Philosophers are accustomed to spea... stb|Blessing of Domestic Animals]] (Feast of Dame Anna Kingsford) * [[fofbabalon|Feast of Babalon]] (Feast of th
References and Referrals
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:|John Dee Publication Project]] * [[|Anna Kingsford]] * [[
New and Forthcoming At This Site
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ght edit of my original, unabridged nomination of Anna Kingsford to the Order of the Eagle (//never previously pub
What Is Thelema?
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, Sir Francis Dashwood,\\ Friedrich Nietzsche and Anna Kingsford;\\ and Thelemites can benefit from consideration
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bk|The Moon Under Her Feet]]: The contribution of Anna Kingsford. * [[idol|The Visible Object]]: Virtuous idolat
A Liturgical Calendar for Thelemic Gnosticism
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tyr\\ February 22 – [[beastb|Feast of Doctor Dame Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]]\\ February 24 – Feast of Sir Charles Stansfeld
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nd Jeanne d'Arc; with these also, Giordano Bruno, Anna Kingsford, Paschal Beverly Randolph, Helena Petrovna Blavat
Sources and References for Discourses on the Creed
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lightenment//. Albany: SUNY, 1994. (333-339.) * Kingsford, Anna Bonus. //Clothed with the Sun//. Sun Books, 1993.
A Discourse on the Fifth Article
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, John of Patmos, Abramelin the Mage,\\ John Dee, Anna Kingsford, and Aleister Crowley\\ are reported to have been