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Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford
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~~REDIRECT>/hermeneuticon/anna-kingsford~~ {{:anna2.jpg?184x271}} ====== Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford ====== ===== Esotericist, Visionary, Hermetic Mystic ===== ===... 2004 Ordo Templi Orientis. All rights reserved. Anna Kingsford (nee Bonus, 1846-1888 e.v.) was prominent among m... of Thelema. ---- PRINCIPAL PUBLISHED WORKS OF ANNA KINGSFORD * Addresses and Essays on Vegetarianism * As
The Invisible Basilica of Sabazius
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8 Jan 2005 -- Added Paradoxos Alpha's essay on [[kingsford|Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]] to the [[lion_eagle|Order of the Eagle]] section. * 11 Dec 2004 -- Updated [[links|
The Order of the Lion and the Order of the Eagle
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dinge Britten]] -- inducted April 2003 e.v. * [[kingsford|Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]] -- inducted November 2004 e.v. * [[Frieda-Lady-Harris|Lady Frieda Harris]] -- induc
History of the Gnostic Catholic Church
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ench Spiritist circles of the time, a disciple of Anna Kingsford, and leader of the French branch of the Theosophi