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Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos @anthology:profile:luciana-lupe-vasconcelos
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4/|{{ :anthology:magick-music-and-ritual-14.png |"Babalon" by Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos as cover for Magick,... or Magick, Music and Ritual 14 features the work "Babalon" by Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos, as well as an alter
Velvawhip @anthology:profile:velvawhip
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an and occultist currently living in the heart of Babalon, Los Angeles, California. A complete deviant and
Sonick Templars @anthology:profile:sonick-templars
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of Service was performed as part of a workshop at Babalon Rising and one of the Sigil (songs) was used for
SickTanicK @anthology:profile:sicktanick
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There is no god above me there is no god below me BABALON is my mother\\ And she loves me A true gift of e
Firmament @anthology:profile:firmament
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for Mister Rogers. And so we ride the buttock of Babalon into orgasm. Breathe deeply be free my lover. An
Blasting Rod @anthology:profile:blasting-rod
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016 e.v. Chihiro was consecrated as The Office of Babalon with Shah at the Feast of the Gods, and Blasting