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Chapter XII: The Left-Hand Path—"The Black Brothers"
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> > Moreover, there is Mary, a blasphemy against BABALON, for she hath shut herself up; and therefore is s... the excrement of Choronzon. > > And for this is BABALON under the power of the Magician, that she hath su... blood, even to the last drop, to fill the cup of BABALON. > > These that thou seest are indeed the Black
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[/hermeneuticon/Ba]], 127, 132\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Babalon]], 30, 66, 67, 237\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Babe of the... uticon/Mary]], blasphemy against [[/hermeneuticon/Babalon]], 66;\\     --- [[/hermeneuticon/Mary Inviolate|
Chapter LI: How to Recognise Masters, Angels, etc., and how they Work
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" got instantly the reference in CCXX to our Lady Babalon: "the omnipresence of my body."  But this is not
Chapter VI: The Three Schools of Magick (1)
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pon the wine that is the blood of the adepts. And BABALON hath lulled him to sleep upon her breast, and she