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f Binah and Saturn. This associates BAPHOMET with BABALON - if we didn't already have BABALON riding the BEAST in the Thoth Deck. Leo is also associated with Atu 1... there are 8 letters in BAPHOMET and 7 letters in BABALON. The sum of these two letters is 15. Behold, a pi... ily seen in the figures of Zeus Arrhenothelus and Babalon, and in the extraordinarily obscene representatio
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====== Babalon ====== "Our Lady Babalon. See Equinox V, The Vision and Voice, 14th Aethyr."—[[crowley/book-4/aba2]] "Ou
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on Communications from the Aeon of Maat; Song for Babalon.; Feast of the Hive; Silverstar magazine; The Boo