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Chapter III
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sis of the Ninth Degree of O.T.O. The 'child' is "BABALON and THE BEAST conjoined, the Secret Saviour", tha... yr "Moreover, there is Mary, a blasphemy against BABALON, for she hath shut herself up; and therefore is s
Chapter II
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ruption and Disintegration is also the Victory of Babalon., 'O my Son, know this concerning the Black Brot... blood which should have been cast into the cup of Babalon should 'breed scorpions, and vipers, and the Cat
Chapter I
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ed Strength. It is the card of Leo and represents Babalon and the Beast conjoined. "Their fold"; not only ... ' with the number of 156, that of the Secret Name BABALON of Nuith. There are presumably further hidden mea