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The Rite of the Milk of the Stars
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of the Archæ |Before me Therion | |Behind me Babalon | |On my right hand Hadit| |On my left hand N... rging the pentagrams. Crowley uses Therion, Nuit, Babalon and Hadit. Part of the power, as I see it, in the... these four as divided into two types: Therion and Babalon operate on the Human scale while Nuit and Hadit o... eminiscent of the torch on the head of Baphomet. Babalon I see as a woman reclining upon a couch and color
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Therion 10. Babalon </code> Heru-Ra-Ha is the unified twin warrior ... hat are the nucleus of the geschtalt. Therion and Babalon are the priest and priestess who vail the mysteri... 3. Chaos Babalon D. Aw... it 10. Babalon </code> Nuit is the source of AL, being, and
A Thelemic Ganachakra
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s, Hekate, Ishtar, Inanna, Tahuti, Maat, Therion, Babalon\\ To you and all your host we offer,\\ Form, Soun