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~~REDIRECT>/hermeneuticon/basilides~~ ====== Basilides ====== \\ ==== (c. 100 - c. 139 e.v.) ==== \\ \\ by T. Apiryon\\ Copyright © 1995 Or... perors Hadrian and Antonius Pius. What we know of Basilides and of his system we know by virtue of the report... ily preserved in the //Elenchos// of Hippolytus. Basilides was probably the first major Gnostic who viewed h
Hippolytus (of Rome)
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prominent Gnostics, particularly Simon Magus and Basilides. See entries for "[[simon|Simon Magus]]," "[[basilides|Basilides]]" and "[[valentinus|Valentinus]]." The first book of the //Refutatio,// known as //Philosophumena
The Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church: an Examination
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empting to breathe life into the dry skeletons of Basilides, Valentinus and Mani. Our Gnosis has been tempere... [[mani|Manes]], //[[pythagoras|Pythagoras]]// , [[basilides|Basilides]], [[valentinus|Valentinus]], //[[bardesanes|Bardesanes]] and [[hippolytus|Hippolytus]], that tran
Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
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i|Manes]] * //[[pythagoras|Pythagoras]]// * [[basilides|Basilides]] * [[valentinus|Valentinus]] * //[[bardesanes|Bardesanes]]// * //[[hippolytus|Hippolytus]]/
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osition is curious. Mani was a later teacher than Basilides, Valentinus and Bardesanes. Also, whereas these t... Gnosticism may benefit by reading the sections on Basilides, Valentinus and Bardesanes before proceeding with
Introduction to the Gnostic Mass
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ncluded the teachings of [[simon|Simon Magus]], [[basilides|Basilides]], [[valentinus|Valentinus]], [[bardesanes|Bardesanes]] and Marcion, as well as those of the group
The Gnostic Mass with Annotations and Commentary
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[[mani|Manes]], //[[pythagoras|Pythagoras]]// , [[basilides|Basilides]], [[valentinus|Valentinus]], //[[bardesanes|Bardesanes]] and [[hippolytus|Hippolytus]], that tran
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r Antonius Pius. Valentinus may have studied with Basilides in Alexandria, he also claimed additional secret
Simon Magus
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re philosophic character, and may have influenced Basilides through the teachings of Menander and Satornilos.
The Gnostic Mass: Annotations and Commentary by Helena and Tau Apiryon
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roneously, believed to have been the invention of Basilides; but was used by some Gnostics as an alternate na