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Notes for an Astral Atlas
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st of these subtleties miss the point. Truth must be defined. It is a name, being a noun (nomen); and ... the facts. This is Solipsism, because we can only be conscious of our own consciousness; yet it is not... sible propositions, or their contradictories, can be affirmed as true. Its condition is identity of fo... convention. Every aspect of every object may thus be referred to the Tree of Life, and evoked by using
Chapter XXI Of Black Magic of the Main Types of the Operations of Magick Art and of the Powers of the Sphinx
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these matters are of no importance to Him. It may be of importance to His Work that man shall sit upon a throne, or be hanged. In such a case He informs his Magus, who ... well learned the lessons of the Path are ready to be torn asunder, to give up their own life to the Ba... all, they become the Eaters of Dung in the Day of Be-with-us, and their shreds, strewn in the Abyss, a
Chapter XV Of the Invocation
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ternal things are concerned. The whole secret may be summarised in these four words: "Enflame thyself in praying."((This is Qabalistically expressed in... servo! kyrie Christe! O Christe!)) The mind must be exalted until it loses consciousness of self. The Magician must be carried forward blindly by a force which, though ... d out of himself in a creative frenzy, so must it be for the Magician. It is impossible to lay down r
Chapter III The Formula of Tetragrammaton.
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ion of, the fourth. In the expression which will be used in Chapter XV: "Enflame thyself", etc., only the first stage is specified; but if