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John St. John the Record of the Magical Retirement of G. H. Frater, O∴ M∴
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seeking rest from that Search! O my soul! — lift thyself up; play the man, be strong; harden thyself against thy bitter Fate; for at the End thou shalt find Him; and ye shall enter in ... ing; even unto the Garden of Lilies; and ye shall be One for evermore. So mote it be! {27}\\ Yet now — ah now! — I am but a dead man. Within me and withou
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obscurantism. Still, by him who has eyes will it be seen that through all this darkness there shone t... of a great and beautiful Truth. Little is it to be wondered then, in these present shallow intellect... ourse is to remain silent, lest further confusion be added to the already bewildering chaos. {145} It will be at once said by any one who has read as far as th
The Child
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e shall behold me, and that the eyes of men shall be spared the torture of unutterable light. “Devoure... t them about thy brow, so that thine eyes may not be blinded by the fire of my fury. I am He who was, who is, and who will be; I am the Creator, and the Destroyer, and the Red... he roaring of lions, and at my coming shall there be laughter, and weeping, and singing, and gnashing
Liber Libræ
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nd abet Evil. Act passionately; think rationally; be Thyself. 13. True ritual is as much action as word; it i... rth is but an atom in the universe, and that thou thyself art but an atom thereon, and that even couldst th... st and grovellest, that thou wouldest, even then, be but an atom, and one amongst many. 15. Neverthel... est self-respect, and to that end sin not against thyself. The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and w
The Warrior
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f the nothingness of joy. //Solve!// For all must be melted in the crucible of affliction, all must be refined in the furnace of woe, and then on the anvil of strength must it be beaten out into a blade of gleaming joy. //Coagul... angle sorrow, and drown despair; then a joy shall be born which is beyond love or hope, endurable, inc
The White Watch-Tower
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d in one form. I am She who was, who is, and will be; my form is one, my name is manifold; under the p... their roaring, and the billows of the deep shall be smoothed out like a sheet of molten glass. Then ... e as an harlot great with child, and purity shall be born of corruption, and the light shall quiver th... loom of night, and shouted in thy joy: “Let there be light!” Now that thou has seized the throne, thou