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The Psychology of Hashish
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f the soul, which give her breathing, are easy to be unloosed." "Nature teaches us, and the oracles a... r I am of the Serpent's party; Knowledge is good, be the price what it may. Such little fruit, then, ... riends. And lest the austerity of such a goddess be profaned by the least vestige of adornment I make... aration and properties of //Cannabis indica// can be studied in the proper pharmaceutical treatises, t
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phere of Sensations. As it is said: > > "Believe thyself to be in a place, and thou art there." > > In this Ast... e is another mode of Astral Projection, which can be used by the more practised and advanced Adept. Th... s in the previous method. But this is not easy to be done by any but the practised operator." In fact... projection of the Sphere to the desired place can be carried out successfully, the highest illuminatio
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m which they are so fond of deducing them.  "Know Thyself" comes before "Instruct others."  Let this be well remembered by all such as would teach withou... manual of Physiological Psychology cannot fail to be of great interest to every psychologist who cares... ce.  At the same time, it should, we think, never be forgotten that the study of physiological psychol... en two young men named Percy and Sidney!  It must be a great help to a Master of Arts in attaining a S