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he earth, and sleep not for a while; but withdraw thyself from this matter. And it shall be enough. Thus then was I obedient unto the voic... fire upon the Altar should be hate. But lift up thyself; stand, {143} play the man, for behold! there shall be revealed unto thee the Great Terror, the thing of... falsehood, and Gimel is glamour. And these three be greater than all, for they are beyond the words t... . Very 22 "I.e.", that the circle should be profaned. This evil circle is of three
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th the base of the spine as before, but figure to thyself its energy as infinite. Deem it to be the phallus of Osiris or the being of Hadit. 6. These two concentrations 4 and 5 may be pushed to the point of Samadhi. Yet lose not control of the will; let not Samadhi be thy master herein. 7. Now then, being consciou... nation herein. 8. Let this agony grow until it be insupportable, resisting by will every temptation
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--- ah! shine on me Disclose thyself, revealed be. Why hidest thou from me thy... moor (I think it was Clapham Common) at night to be an architect, when he heard a voice, ... f Ethel Archer that he might have been trained to be a bricklayer. ... . To admit the supernormal hypothesis here would be to betray all good sense. However unlikely it ma