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Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli Adumbratio Kabbalae Aegyptiorum sub figurâ VII
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7. I am He. Speak not, O my God! Let the work be accomplished in silence. 8. Let my cry of pain be crystallized into a little white fawn to run away... e incestuous Horus given over to Typhon, so may I be! 31. There thought; and thought is evil. 32. ... xpire in Thy great N. O. X. 41. What shalt Thou be, my God, when I have ceased to love Thee? 42. A
Liber LXV Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figurâ אדני
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athes thee and wraps thee in frenzy of form. .. Be still, O my soul! that the spell may dissolve .... .. O Beetle! the drone of Thy dolorous note .. Be ever the trance of this tremulous throat! .. I ... ai spake unto V.V.V.V.V., saying: There must ever be division in the word. - For the colours are man... refore do ye fret yourselves because of this. - Be not contented with the image. - I who am the Im
Liber Libræ sub figurâ XXX - The Book of the Balance
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nd abet Evil. Act passionately; think rationally; be Thyself. 13. True ritual is as much action as word; it i... rth is but an atom in the universe, and that thou thyself art but an atom thereon, and that even couldst th... st and grovellest, that thou wouldest, even then, be but an atom, and one amongst many. 15. Neverthel... est self-respect, and to that end sin not against thyself. The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and w
Liber HAD sub figurâ DLV
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of V.V.V.V.V.)// - Worship, //i.e.// identify thyself with, Nuit, as a lambent flame of blue, all-touch... with Light ineffable. And let him beware lest he be dazzled by that Light.\\ //This is the first prac... n and every woman is a star." Let this conception be that of Life, the giver of Life, and let him perc... , or diseased, or otherwise unworthy. And let him be exceeding proud and joyous.\\ //This is the first
Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni sub figurâ CLVI
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ons. - And behold! if by stealth thou keep unto thyself one thought of thine, then shalt thou be cast out into the abyss for ever; and thou shalt be the lonely one, the eater of dung, the afflicted in the Day of Be-with-Us. - Yea! verily this is the Truth, this is the Truth, this is the Truth. Unto thee shall be granted joy and health and wealth and wisdom when
Liber A’ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici
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Therefore lift up thyself as I am lifted up. Hold thyself in as I am master to accomplish. At the end, be the end far distant as the stars that lie in the navel of Nuit, do thou slay thyself as I at the end am slain, in the death that is li
Liber Pyramidos sub figurâ DCLXXI
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e.\\ I do not know why–I ask in vain–\\ Unless it be that I am Thine.\\ I am Mentu his truth-telling b... lost, where the Serpent upstarts.\\ –For though I be joined to the Earth,\\ In the Innermost Shrine of... hu that the teeth of the crocodiles sever\\ Shall be mighty in heaven for ever & ever!\\ Yea! but I am... \\ Asar Un-nefer! through the rended Veil.\\ I am Thyself, with all Thy brilliance decked–\\ Khabs-Am-Pekht