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Chapter XII: The Left-Hand Path—"The Black Brothers"
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be the water of Choronzon; and the incense should be dispersion; and the fire upon the Altar should be hate. But lift up thyself; stand, play the man, for behold! there shall be revealed unto thee the Great Terror, the thing of aw... striction." > > It is very curious; they seem to be looking for one another, or for something, all th... perish, and in their lonely fortresses shall they be eaten up by Time that hath cheated them to serve
Chapter LXXII: Education
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on</TEXT> Cara Soror, //Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.// Education means "leading... as Holy Writ;" but beware of //à priori//. Do not be dogmatic; do not insist in the face of disappoint... a placard and say, "I really do believe there'll be some there"—and lo! it was so.  Then they would w... Truth.  And it is this, that since that which can be thought is not true, every Statement is in some s
Chapter XXIX: What is Certainty?
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y?</TEXT> Cara Soror, //Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.// Well, I suppose I ought ... s.")) <WRAP center round box 60%> Doubt.\\ Doubt Thyself.\\ Doubt even if thou doubtest thyself.\\ Doubt all\\ Doubt even if thou doubtest all. It seems sometimes... l it! slay the snake! The horn of the Doubt-Goat be exalted! Dive deeper, ever deeper, into the Abys