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On the Management of Blondes
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prehending-demonstrator, Nietzsche, in the not-to-be-ever-forgotten spirit-remark “visiting them thyself, with unfaltering whip-arm,” laid down. //(Profe... the blonde and the brunette. The latter class may be defined as one who is biologically tired of being... ondes in our own day—and city. A blonde //must// be fluffy; or she is not a true blonde. Further, she... ke Archimedes without his fulcrum. You must never be brutal with a blonde. With a brunette you may, na
Three Little Prose Poems
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e of Baudelaire’s Prose Poems. No bolder task can be undertaken than the translation of prose so music... s just a little before noon.” This turned out to be the case. As to me, if I bend over towards my be... y heart, and the incense of my spirit, whether it be night, or whether it be day, in the abyss of her adorable eyes I read the hour most clearly. This hou