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The Djeridensis Working
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editing by Frs. T.S. and V.C. The PDF version can be <a href=" the document was written. Nefta is considered to be the spiritual home of Sufism, and is the religiou... I</span></h2> <hr/> <p><i>Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.</i> </p><p>Oasis of Nefta&m... ><i>Nuit defined</i> <dl><dd>Nuit is all that may be, and is shewn by means of any one that is. </dd><
The Paris Working
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h, and this is the consideration: that though Pan be the Master of this Work, yet is the Work naught w... of Magick Art. Therefore, say I, let Hermes first be invoked, and that by the Rite, and by this incant... t, that at the <i>Accendat</i> the Ceremony is to be forgotten altogether, and to be resumed with equal suddenness at the first word of the <i>mantra</i>
The Book of the Law
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, in my unveiling before the Children of men! - Be thou Hadit, my secret centre, my heart & my tongu... ehold my light shed over you! - Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the know... thereof, do ye also thus. Bind nothing! Let there be no difference made among you between any one thin... eth hurt. - But whoso availeth in this, let him be the chief of all! - I am Nuit, and my word is s
De Lege Libellum
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THE LAW</span></h2> <p><i>Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.</i> </p><p>IN RIGHTEOUSNESS... I speak for your comfort and good courage. And so be it unto all of you. </p><p>Know first, that from ... pring four Rays or Emanations: so that if the Law be the centre of your own being, they must needs fil... een called No Thing for a cause which later shall be declared unto you. But the substance of Light is
The Heart of the Master
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y nourishment thereof! === IV === Pour water on thyself: thus shalt thou be a Fountain to the Universe.\\ Find thou thyself i... l! === XV === With thy right Eye create all for thyself, and with the left accept all that be created otherwise! === XVI === Break down the f... er hear this word: as a muscle is vain, except it be rightly ordered, so also is thy work to be made easy by uniting thyself to the Work of the Master, even Therion, whose Tr... e God of gods, stand thou erect, that thou mayest be one with Him by Love, as He most surely willeth.
Every Woman is a Star
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the Charge of the Battle of Life. ”Let the woman be girt with a sword before me!” ”In her is all pow... ir jealousies to avenge thee on thy slave as thou thyself hadst neither wit nor spite to do? And Woman, we... Woman, sworn to a purpose not thine own; thou art thyself a star, and in thyself a purpose to thyself. Not only mother of men art thou, or whore to men; serf to the
Psychography and Liber Legis
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d treated him). From this one perspective, AL can be seen as a narcissistic fantasy—"Lift up thyself! for there is none like unto thee among men or among Gods! Lift up thyself, o my prophet, thy stature shall surpass the star... e, I fully admit. In such a case, Liber Legis can be thought of as art. It is certainly true that some... ty to carry it out, then it follows that I should be able to employ any text that assists me in that g
Concerning Death
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d Daughter and Sister, //Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.// Let it be thy will and the will of all them that tend upon the sick, to comf... is children hath not power on them that would not be children of Time. To them that think themselves i... ll death. In all the universe darkness is only to be found in the shadow of a gross and opaque planet,
Thelema 101
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s the maxim, "Act passionately; think rationally; be Thyself." <WRAP clear/> ==== Thoughtfulness and the rej... actions and well-being. Also, Thelemites tend to be suspicious of authority, often choosing their own