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Chapter 6 The Sphere of Sensation
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ody, but for the Higher Will to manifest, it must be reflected into the Lower Will by the Neshamah. Th... ach, if they are perceived at all, the sphere can be considered on one level to be largely a reflection of the individual’s Ruach or of their individual c... this initiation, the Hierophant, was required to be an adept member (Fuller, //Vol. II// 87). The rea
Chapter 7 Conclusion: The Soul and the Adept
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states in this text that a man’s intellect should be set free from the body “because intercourse with ... ruth and wisdom” (120). He also asks if it should be believed that the soul goes “to Hades, which is r... of contending forces; so must his first endeavor be to seek the Light through their reconciliation” (... lden Dawn. In the twenty-first flying roll, “Know Thyself,” it is stated “therefore must one of the works o