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Greater Feast
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into full timeless rapture. We enjoy all that may be, as we could not even at the best while forced to... our Magick in terms of the body and mind. It may be that events cease to occur, that they become one ... rm of all that liveth, whose name is inscrutable, be favourable unto us in thine hour. The PEOPLE: So mote it be. The End The DEACON: Unto them from whose eyes
Abraham Abulafia
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from God; discusses the NAMEs which should never be erased, nor burnt, but buried; Angel NAMEs and fu... stotle]]; [[Plato]]; [[Socrates]], who said “Know Thyself”; Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Fassi aka Qutbur Rabba... f Acre (1250-1340), met 1305; Jakob Kohen (could be Jacob haCohen?); [[Giovanni Pico della Mirandola]... ter Shem Tovaka Ma'amar Peloni Almoni aka Ma'amar be-Kabbalah Nevu'it aka Treaties on Prophetic Qabala