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DIE DAILY @information:die-daily
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} “Death implies change and individuality if thou be THAT which hath no person, which is beyond the ch... nd box 60%> {{fa>quote-left?3x&pull-left}} “There be moreover many other modes of attaining the appreh... lical of that great Death: as it is written ‘Kill thyself’: and again ‘Die daily.’” — [[/crowley/libers/li
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of-nature/|BALANCE OF NATURE]] * [[/information/be-thyself/|BE THYSELF]] * [[/information/but-always-in-the-love-of-me
BE THYSELF @information:be-thyself
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====== BE THYSELF ====== <WRAP center 33%> {{ :information:be-thyself-tablet.png?nolink }} Download as wallpaper for\\ {{:information:be-thyself-tablet.png?linkonly|Tablet}}\\ </WRAP> \\ <WRA... nd abet Evil. Act passionately; think rationally; be Thyself.”\\ — [[/crowley/libers/lib30|Liber Libræ sub fig
BALANCE OF NATURE @information:balance-of-nature
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hat Equilibrium is the basis of the Work. If thou thyself hast not a sure foundation, whereon wilt thou sta... ity, we may. What is a Magical Operation? It may be defined as any event in nature which is brought t... Tree of Life, represented by the Portal grade, to be initiated into the sephira of Tiphereth in the Ad
LIGHT LOVE LIBERTY PLEASURE @information:light-love-liberty-pleasure
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Woman, sworn to a purpose not thine own; thou art thyself a star, and in thyself a purpose to thyself. Not only mother of men art thou, or whore to men; serf to their need of Life and Lov... an I say to thee no less: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!" — [[/eidolons/every-woman
LIFE LOVE DEAD LIVE @information:life-love-dead-live
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These things being achieved in their ripe season, be it known to you that all ideas will have become e... s on me—yes!\\ Only the quest! if any quest there be!\\ What is my purpose? Could the Godhead guess? ... | |ASTARTE |And death be all if it confirm life’s bliss! ... unto thee in many other places how Death and Love be twins. Now art thou the hunter, and Death rideth