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The Commentaries of AL Chapter II
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anguages) of these names. Nu is clearly stated to be 56, NV; but Had is only hinted obscurely. This ma... he highest trances can the nature of these truths be realized. It is indeed a suprarational experience... listic reason of 'normal' mankind. Hadit seems to be the principle of Motion which is everywhere, yet ... h the 'Matter' which is Nuit. There can evidently be no manifestation apart from this conjunction. A "
The Commentaries of AL Chapter I
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tiates of the Collegium Summum, of which must not be changed even the style of a letter. Only the orig... s by the A∴ A∴, considered of sufficient value to be published under the aegis of the Order. Publicat... ce, although she was Master of the Temple, cannot be put in Class A, because it was printed by Theosophists, who cannot be trusted to reproduce straight that which may offe
The Commentaries of AL Chapter III
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  Observe firstly the word "reward", which is to be compared with the words "hiding" and "manifestati... ard again'; this word Abrahadabra then is also to be considered as a Sentinel before the Fortress of t... e the spell of Ra Hoor Khuit.' The text may also be read as follows. Abrahadabra is the Magick Formul... n, in the comprehension of this chapter. It might be said roughly that at the end of the first five ye
The Scarlet Sisterhood Commentary on Liber AL
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Khabs. All darkness is a veil. Lift up that veil thyself and see the fires of enlightenment poor down upon thee. There may be a mask upon truth, but there is no truth to the m... both, and thus, by their union in a single form, be neither. Restrict thyself not at all. Love no one thing, be no one thing. B... thou none. But ye are not so chosen. Thou canst be thus only if thou are not thyself singular. Be not thee, but me, I reveal myself th... d. I am thy God, we are one, none. Let the priest be the sacrifice, give thyself unto me, and unto thee I give me. United both dis