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The Logomachy of Zos
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ndant. Never too old to learn, always too old to be taught. If all realization is by our relatabilit... ant having a surplus that, when synchronized, may be used abstractly to incarnate another wish. There... y Soul save me. Much is realized that seldom can be expressed and when it might be told—dissolves. Mind, body, ego and all things are formulated from de
The Book of Pleasure (self-love)
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nswer, for by living the meaning thou shalt truly be freed from the bondage of constitutional ignorance. Thou must live it thyself; I cannot live it for thee. The chief cause of g... nstudied imagination of the experienced. What may be called the early experience was its completion, s... t till it has removed itself. Supposing I wish to be great (is not counting that I am), to have "faith... nforcement and preservation. Therefore belief, to be true, must be organic and sub-conscious. The desi
The Focus of Life
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ss from Self-thou dost not hear thine own call to be potentially Thyself. The living self does not habitate. There is no t... difficulty. Thought is the negation of knowledge. Be thy business with action only. Purge thyself of belief: live like a tree walking! Take no thou... than prayer: Make this thy obsession. Thank only thyself and be silent. The coward's way is religion. There is no... is no suggestion. Do thy utmost unto others: But be surely what thou wilt: and keep thy belief free of morality. Observe thyself by sensation: thus know the finer perturbations a
Live Like a Tree Walking!
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TEXT> //"Thought is the negation of knowledge.\\ Be thy busyness with action only.\\ Purge thyself of belief:\\ **live like a tree walking!**\\ Take no though... lated to the entities in which procreation should be manifested. {{ :spare:tree_walk.jpg |Live Like a... lute freedom which being free is mighty enough to be reality//". Zos is the active aspect, that which