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Chapter 8. The Divining Art Universal.
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persons in falsehood and deception which may not be tolerated. Nor is there any god present at all, b... mes, because of the transient power, is likely to be thrown into disorder by the spiritual emanations ... f evil daemons. But an appearing which chances to be genuine is likewise in other respects distinct, p... They consider the standing upon indented marks to be enough, and imagine that by doing this for a sing
Chapter 15. Origin of Egyptian Symbolism
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ble, do themselves bring into use for them as may be expected, a mode of initiation into the mysteries... -likeness of the symbols themselves, and bringing thyself upward to the spiritual reality. By "ilus" or sl... es and the appearance of the seed, is observed to be circular. This very energy is akin to the unique ... ver, as thou hast thought. Nevertheless, let them be unknown to us, or let some of them be known, with