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The Rite of Saturn
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he sacred sand,\\ Fire consumes him that his name be forgotten in the land.\\ Even as the wicked eye\\... ightless steel, break not fetters nor compel: So be distant, O profane!\\ Children of the hurricane!\... the sword of fire destroy, lest the ways of death be plain!\\ So depart, and so be wise,\\ Lest your perishable eyes\\ Look upon the formless fire, see th
The Rite of Venus
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ou , whom thou seekest to find him; find thou but thyself, thou art I. I the grain and the furrow, The plou... nd a crown is of night; But this thing is God, To be man with thy might, To grow straight in the stren... s of thy thought, and the red fruit of thy death. Be the ways of thy giving As mine were to thee; The free life of thy living, Be the gift of it free; Not as servant to lord, nor
The Rite of Luna
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CANCER. 1. Who are the great Officers? TAURUS. Thyself, the Warden of the Holy Graal. Myself, the Lord o... ly Emanations from the One, lest our Lady's sleep be stirred. [He banishes the Sephiroth by the appoi... h these, and God for a gift, It needs no wine to be merry! I have bought for a wafer of bread A ga... prison fare And the Owl's blind stupor, arise! Be ye wise, and strong, and fair, And the nectar af