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Light on the Way @wilmshurst:masonic-initiation
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made clear that that transition must necessarily be gradual, and that, though ceremonially dramatized in three Degrees which can be taken in successive months, to realize the implic... ns of those Degrees in actual life-experience may be a life-time's work; perhaps more than a life-time... is a strenuous one, not suddenly or hurriedly to be performed, and one needing hours of refreshment a
FURTHER NOTES ON CRAFT SYMBOLISM @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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d all you gods that haunt this place, grant me to be beautiful in the inner man, and all I have of outer things to be one with those within! May I count only the wise man rich, and may my store of gold be such as none but the good can bear. Anything more... me of so masking it that its full sense would not be understood without some effort or enlightenment,
THE DEEPER SYMBOLISM OF FREEMASONRY @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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ry him very far. For many members of the Craft to be a Mason implies merely connection with a body which seems to be something combining the natures of a club and a b... stitution, and that its teachings are intended to be merely secondary and supplemental to any religiou... ry is often supposed, even by its own members, to be a system of extreme antiquity, that was practised
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“noble science” which Masonry proclaims itself to be and was certainly designed to impart. It seems ta... that reception into the Order will automatically be accompanied by an ability to appreciate forthwith... spiritual perception on part of those seeking to be instructed; and infrequently one finds Brethren d... ted and responded to, the life of the Order would be enormously quickened and deepened and its efficie