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Liber Omonoia
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enable the Double Current present in Liber Al to be recognized, understood and experienced. As such I consider Liber Omonoia to be a Typhonian Transmission. Frater Philogelos, 164... ely at the time was wrongly considered by some to be a claim of a new magical formula (this in part wa... tion of all partial theories of the universe will be aided by this information and further transmissio
Liber A vel Follis
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be is AUM. 2. Then the Lord of the Aeon, Blessed be He, called unto the letters, saying "Through thee... d the letter B saith "O Lord of the World! May it be your Will to create your Universe through me, sin... ily unto thee through me. As it is said, 'Blessed be the Lord - One, Child, Aeon!'" 4. The Holy One, Blessed be He, was very pleased by such a singular devotion