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The Chalice of Ecstasy
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n="center" size="x-large">THE CHALICE OF ECSTASY BEING A MAGICAL AND QABALISTIC INTERPRETATION OF THE... CHAD</TEXT> <TEXT align="center">Dedicated to my Beloved Friend and Companion FRATER AD ALTA Who pass... Urëus-Hadit Camp, OTO, 1991\\ HTML conversion by Benjamin Rowe, 1997</TEXT> ===== INTRODUCTION =====... ust represent the largest truth, the most perfect beauty and the purest goodness known on earth. This
Liber Thirty-One
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. Of which mystery He has written: When, having become free, thou findest thyself in prison, yet knowest it not. When, Thy prison o... who hast longed for the company of Saints findest thyself among the scum of the earth, yet knowing it not thinkest thyself in the company of all the Buddhas, and taketh thy... and found gestures of Magick Power, thou findest thyself among the lewd and unclean, yet knowing it not pe
I. N. R. I. De Mysteriis Rosæ Rubeæ Et Aureæ Crucis
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Heart of the Rose of Creation? Is not that Stone Thyself? Never again wilt thou be "Shut up" for the Rose of Thy Being has opened, and Thy prison has been exchanged ... ! These are to be found in the Cross of thine own being, and thou already learned to "Establish thyself firmly in the equilibrium of forces, in the centr... artake of the Mystic Eucharist, even as thou hast been taught by Those who Know. Fortify thyself, for thou hast yet a perilous journey before thee. Thou hast been led unto the Light; bethink thee th