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Three Little Prose Poems
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e of Baudelaire’s Prose Poems. No bolder task can be undertaken than the translation of prose so music... laire’s, but, in this difficult quandary, we have been fortunate in finding Mr. Aleister Crowley, an E... yes, he unhesitatingly said: “It is just a little before noon.” This turned out to be the case. As to me, if I bend over towards my beautiful Féline—so
On the Management of Blondes
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prehending-demonstrator, Nietzsche, in the not-to-be-ever-forgotten spirit-remark “visiting them thyself, with unfaltering whip-arm,” laid down. //(Profe... the blonde and the brunette. The latter class may be defined as one who is biologically tired of being a blonde. The problem indicated by the title of th... ey invariably possess less heart. The analogy has been drawn between blondes and the chickens used by