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Chapter 6 The Sphere of Sensation @gdlibrary:the-nature-structure-and-role-of-the-soul
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f the “Sphere of Sensation” of the individual. It begins with the following: > Thou shalt know that t... re is called the “magical mirror of the universe” because it was seen as a membrane or layer that separated the individual human being, the microcosm, from the greater universe, the... al person through the medium of this sphere. This belief provided the basis for much of the ritual wor
Chapter 7 Conclusion: The Soul and the Adept @gdlibrary:the-nature-structure-and-role-of-the-soul
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purified by suffering… Therefore as hath already been said, establish thyself firmly in the equilibrium of forces, in the cente... he initiate to symbolically pass through the veil between the lower portions of the Tree of Life, represented by the Portal grade, to be initiated into the sephira of Tiphereth in the Ad... identified with the Ruach part of the soul, could begin to reflect the Higher Will of the Neschamah. P
cipher52 @gdlibrary:cipher
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tag=59911|Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now.]]| The Cipher Manuscript 1. So... n O Practicus\\ 9. to know the universe and\\ 10. thyself. Seek in the manifest\\ 11. for the divine One an... hen found veil the eyes\\ 13. in adoration.\\ 14. Behold the true attribut-\\ 15. ion of tarot. Ponder