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In the Dragon's Den @hartmann:among-the-gnomes
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O foolish mortal, by dull senses bound; \\ Within thyself the spirit must be found.\\ Know thou thyself, and by self-knowledge know \\ The lives above and in the world below.\\ In every sphere each being knows its own; \\ To spirits only spirits can be shown. </WRAP> Aft
A New Guide on the Path
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Know that All is One. - Know that everything is Thyself. - Know that the One in a state of vibration pr... g originates from duality. - Let thy aspiration be for enlightenment. - Know that the result of th... condensation. It is the cause of your illusions, because you imagine it to be tranquility; and it is the cause of your doubts, because you regard it as t
A Prayer
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ed God,\\ In whom all things exist and have their being,\\ Who lives in all things and all things in Him;\\ Infinite art Thou, inconceivable\\ Beyond the grasp of finite intellect;\\ Unknowable to all except thyself.\\ Nothing exists but Thou, and there is nothing\... hich no Good exists; Thou art, but we\\ Appear to be; for forms are empty nothings,\\ If not inhabited