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The Second Chapter
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ry character of Nuith and Hadith. Nu conceals Had because He is Everywhere in the Infinite, and She ma... rse veils the Soul. Nature understands Herself by becoming self-conscious in Her units; and the Consci... of separateness by dissolution in Her. There has been much difficulty in the orthography (in sacred l... anguages) of these names. Nu is clearly stated to be 56, ‪נו‬; but Had is only hinted obscurely. This
The Third Chapter
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e whole thing visible, for Hadit and Nuit are far beyond. Note that Ra-Hoor Resh-Aleph-He-Vau-Vau-Res... = Observe firstly the word "reward", which is to be compared with the words "hiding" and "manifestati... ard again'; this word Abrahadabra then is also to be considered as a Sentinel before the Fortress of the God. Why is the name of Him spelt Khut? We have