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Chapter 8. The Divining Art Universal.
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in respect to the mantic art. For such a faculty, being inseparable from the constitution of places an... same manner things occurring in every place. But being separate and free from places and things that ... fast in a single form of divisible qualities, but being separate by itself, and indivisible, it is pre... ves nothing destitute of itself -- neither living beings nor things sustained from the realm of nature
Chapter 15. Origin of Egyptian Symbolism
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r solution the same divinely wise Muse. I desire, beforehand, however, to interpret to thee the peculi... hemselves, and desiring to supply the latter with benefits through such representations, so far as pos... ble, do themselves bring into use for them as may be expected, a mode of initiation into the mysteries... -likeness of the symbols themselves, and bringing thyself upward to the spiritual reality. By "ilus" or sl