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FURTHER NOTES ON CRAFT SYMBOLISM @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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e.” (Shakespeare). \\ “Lighten our darkness, we beseech Thee, and defend us from all perils and dangers of this night.” (Anglican Liturgy). \\ “Belov’d All-Father, and all you gods that haunt this place, grant me to be beautiful in the inner man, and all I have of outer things to be one with those within! May I count
THE DEEPER SYMBOLISM OF FREEMASONRY @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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ry him very far. For many members of the Craft to be a Mason implies merely connection with a body which seems to be something combining the natures of a club and a benefit society. They find, of course, a certain reli... stitution, and that its teachings are intended to be merely secondary and supplemental to any religiou
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e of England. To all such they are offered in the best spirit of fraternity and goodwill and with the ... ith it extending over thirty-two years. They have been written with a view to promoting the deeper und... it that one constantly hears called for and that becomes all the more necessary in view of the unprec... “noble science” which Masonry proclaims itself to be and was certainly designed to impart. It seems ta