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Light on the Way @wilmshurst:masonic-initiation
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Leave the hot swamp of voluptuousness,\\ A cloud between the Nameless and thyself;\\ And lay thine uphill shoulder to the wheel\\ A... if thou\\ Look higher, then perchance thou mays't-beyond\\ A hundred ever-rising mountain-lines,\\ And... is figurative and carries a symbolic significance behind the literal sense of the words, will at once ... lly received their material wages. But it has now become the //Ite, Missa est//! of spiritual Masonry,
Brian Redfern @anthology:profile:brian-redfern
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ng with virtuoso Yuval Ron. Previously Brian had been the guitarist for Los Hermanos de Jazz who had ... c inspired by western classical and avant-garde. Besides having earned an MFA from CalArts Brian is a... berry Pi 4, acoustic guitar from Epiphone, and my beloved Behringer B1 condenser mic. </WRAP> <WRAP round box> [[/anthology/album/this-is-not-an-hermet
BE THYSELF @information:be-thyself
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====== BE THYSELF ====== ===== Hermetic Library Ministry of Information ===== <WRAP center 33%> {{ :information:be-thyself-tablet.png?nolink |Unicursal BE THYSELF Propaganda Poster from Hermetic Library Office of... ion}} Download as wallpaper for\\ {{:information:be-thyself-tablet.png?linkonly|Tablet}}\\ </WRAP> \\ <WRA... nd abet Evil. Act passionately; think rationally; be Thyself.”\\ — [[/crowley/libers/lib30|Liber Libræ sub fig