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THE CORSAIR'S CALENDAR @bey:pirate-utopias
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o the Atlantic as the Sallee Rovers. In 1625 they carried off captives from Plymouth in England; in 1626 f... e to Sale in 1637, the purpose was to ransom poor fishermen from English vessels seized off Newfoundland. ... eren't lazy, they'd be cobblers or lead miners or fishermen-but like gangsters in old movies they thought ... ast favored tactic of all. Whether or not a ship carried specie or cargo of any value, its crew and passe
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nd at the fishing time there was such a resort of fishermen of all nations, although the duties which they... taken steps to profit by it. The official trade carried through Baltimore was ludicrously small. Accordi... selves with fresh men they grew so fearful to the fisherman and all the country, that having neither the m... Baltlmore declded to go straight. Their pilchard fisheries were proving remarkably profitable, and the au