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The Scrutinies of Simon Iff by Edward Kelly @crowley:international:xi:11
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see the whole thing now, I think. Others besides Fisher would have noticed if Fraser had carried a parcel, or a bag, in or out?” “Yes: I asked t... gether. Can you keep the morning free?” “Oh yes! Fisher can do all that is necessary at the bank.” ==== ... uld like,” he said, “to have a few words with Mr. Fisher.” Macpherson complied. “Shut the door, Mr. Fisher, if you please,” said the magician, “we old men fear t
The Atu (Keys or Trumps) @crowley:book-of-thoth
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of the stages of the Great Work. ===== "The Rich Fisherman": Percivale ===== The legend of Percivale, in... official rituals, the idea is usually that of the fisherman, who wishes protection from the assaults of hi... s by the Titans. But Athena rescued his heart and carried it to his father, Zeus. His mother was Demeter; ... old-bloodedness). Many of Christ's disciples were fishermen, and he was always doing miracles in connectio
THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON THE KING @crowley:equinox:i:iv
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, one is afferent and the other efferent. The one carries the sensations to the brain, whilst the other carries them back from the brain to the tissues of the bod... h whom he had, before his departure from England, carried out so many extraordinary magical operations. An... rform all the old duties the individual Âtman had carried out. He had abandoned the animism of a low civil
DIANA OF THE INLET @crowley:equinox:i:vii
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on the bar in a gale some years before. The Inlet fishermen had rescued one gaunt, white-skinned man from ... anguish, smiting the starless night, startled the fishermen and the sleeping sea-birds on the midnight sea... h. Our boat was heavy and flat-bottomed -- an old fisherman's craft. Diane drove the white goats into it, ... nt superstitions and remnants of folk-lore. Some fishermen, driven by a fresh breeze to a far corner of t
eqi09018 @crowley:equinox:i:ix
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ovising of an ambulance. The two invalids were carried into the house. The Marquis, in pain as he was,... that the said person had never been a monk at all carried little weight with those who, like Lord Marcus M... gan a matter as metre. No society is so easily carried away by its cranks as London Society. "Father Am... e homeward, he saw the red flame glitter over the fisher-village by the sea. He set spurs to his horse, a
THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON THE KING @crowley:equinox:i:iv
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n, blood-red, rayless, adamant, it rose, it rose! Carried out of myself, I asked not ‘Who is the Witness?’... small fry which with ease swim in and out of the fisherman’s net. Further, though in twelve meditations t... long as the instructions of the Guru are properly carried out.<sup>[[eqi04011j.html#note294|294]]</sup> A... to powers that were beyond the normal, and now he carried them secretly like some precious blade of Damasc
AMONGST THE MERMAIDS @crowley:equinox:i:ii
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Mermaid Wife. On a moonlight night, as an Orkney fisherman strolled by the sea-shore, he saw, to his amaz... surf, where they took the form of seals. But the fisherman had managed to snatch up one skin, which lay a... sisters, and then rushed down to the sea. And the fisherman, when he returned home that evening, was just ... fect a good sale, the seal-hunter obeyed, and was carried away at a wild gallop, which ended on the brink
The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw @crowley:libers
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is very rare to find such development in a simple fisherman. The extreme sophistication of intellect is es... view can also be read into Crowley's hint, and it carries more of the context. If we stroll down that lane... ons, is here omitted.)<<WEH NOTE: This "footnote" carried in place in text and not at the page foot in the... be observed that a precisely similar process was carried out in ancient Egypt in circumstances of a like
The Scrutinies of Simon Iff by Edward Kelly @crowley:international:xi:10
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west coast of Scotland, by name Dubhbheagg. A few fisher-folk live there; nobody else. There is one landin... was such that on the second night of the storm it carried it away. This was inconvenient for them, as will... r us. Well, on the 25th the storm abated, and the fishermen were about to put to sea when they observed Lo
The Stratagem @crowley:the-stratagem
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uddenly; a rival ousted him, and his sentence was carried out with as much severity as if he had been a co... in, had become animated, sparkling, fiery; he was carried away by the excitement of his passionate memorie... ed in their uniforms, take the boat of an octopus-fisher, row to the harbour, and ask in the name of the g
Preface to Androcles and the Lion: On the Prospects of Christianity @crowley:libers
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perament. His public career as a popular preacher carries him equally far beyond John the Baptist. He lays... the others; and he says nothing about their being fishermen. He says expressly that Jesus, though baptized... called Peter from his boat, he spoiled an honest fisherman, and made nothing better out of the wreck than
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having triumphed over such opposition, in having "carried on" despite neglect, misunderstanding and treach... not know before.) Many of Christ's disciples were fishermen and he was always doing miracles in connexion
A Syllabus of the Official Instructions of the A∴A∴ @crowley:libers
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ting-place, and Liber CCXX to Zelator, since that carries him to the highest of all possible grades. Liber... . XC. Tzaddi means a fish-hook. "I will make you fishers of men." XCV. The number of מלכה "queen," attri
eqi10005 @crowley:equinox:i:x
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ting-place, and Liber CCXX to Zelator, since that carries him to the highest of all possible grades. Libe... XC. Tzaddi means a fish-hook. "I will make you fishers of men." XCV. The number of Mem-Lamed-Koph
eqi08025 @crowley:equinox:i:viii
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toric Parables," Mr. Bell, with consummate skill, carries the reader back to the Carboniferous Period. He... OF LIFE IN NIGERIA. By ADAMU (E. C. ADAMS). FISHER UNWIN. 3"s." 6"d." net. NO sentimental drivel
SNOWSTORM @crowley:equinox:i:vii
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