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The Ritual for The Evocation Unto Visible Appearance of The Great Spirit Taphthartharath
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GREAT SPIRIT TAPHTHARTHARATH</TEXT> {{ :crowley:equinox:i:iii:103_170.jpg?nolink }} <TEXT align="center"... WRAP center 60%> <TEXT align="center">{{ :crowley:equinox:i:iii:hermetic-library-crowley-equinox-i-3-diagram-59-the-circle-of-art.png?nolink |The Circle of Art}}\\ ... entagram,((See "Liber O," <typo fv:small-caps>The Equinox</typo>, vol. i. No. 2. )) to consecrate the Water
The Adept
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the veil.((See “Liber O,” <typo fv:small-caps>The Equinox</typo>, vol. i, No. 2.)) //Chief:// Associate A... hese signs see “Liber O,” <typo fv:small-caps>The Equinox</typo>, vol. i, No. 2.))] L. the Sign of the mo... letters CXX he will find the following {{:crowley:equinox:i:iii:hermetic-library-crowley-equinox-i-iii-eqi03010l-symbols-post-annos-lux-crucis-patebo.png?nolink&24|
The Book of The Spirit of The Living God
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e and power, to use in the Service of the Eternal Gods: that I may pursue safely and without interruptio... to a good purpose only, and in the service of the Gods. And I declare that in this Operation I shall su... yrs.” [[eqi03010n#text68|68]] See "Liber O," THE EQUINOX, vol. i. No. 2. [[eqi03010n#text69|69]] See "Liber O," THE EQUINOX, vol. 1, No. 2. [[eqi03010n#text70|70]] See The
Talisman of Fire of Jupiter With Ritual
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gth. And I swear, in the presence of the Eternal Gods, that, as liveth the Lord of the Universe and my ... Mercy! Hail, I say, unto Thee, the Father of the Gods! O Thou, whose golden plumes stream up the sky... death! There is no part of me that is not of the Gods. I am the Preparer of the Pathway: the Rescuer... Death! There is no part of me that is not of the Gods. I am the Preparer of the Pathway: the Rescuer
The Magical Invocation of The Higher Genius
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n: and whose Dwelling is the Abode of the Undying Gods. Heart of my Soul; self- shining Flame, Glory of... Truth in the Hall of Thmaist, cycle of the great Gods which are behind Osiris: O ye that are gone befor... make my word truth before the circle of the Great Gods! Adoration unto Thee, Anubi, who guardest the th... in the great Dwelling! Sovereign Lord of all the Gods, save me, and deliver! Deliver me from that God
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\\ ALEISTER CROWLEY</TEXT> {8} {9} {{ :crowley:equinox:i:iii:103_010.jpg?nolink |The Student (Aleister Crowley) facing page 10 from The Equinox, Vol I No III in the Libri of Aleister Crowley at... a message; namely, to manifest the New Way of the Equinox of Horus, as revealed in Liber Legis. He does so... es\\ Throng the clear mind at first, a crowd\\ Of Gods, lights, armies, landscapes; loud\\ Reverberation
The Magician
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Feasts of Easter at about the time of the vernal Equinox. The time necessary for the working is six month... he divine, as I may be permitted and aided by the Gods Who live for ever, the AEons of Infinite years, t... telligence to comprehend it, for this miracle the Gods have not granted me the power to perform. You had better address your reproaches to the Gods rather than to me, unless some spark of returning
Practical Invocation
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g //let him repeat a humble prayer unto the Great Gods of Heaven to grant unto him the force necessary c... f the Pentagram and Hexagram.((See "Liber O," THE EQUINOX, vol. i., No. 2.)) Thus only may he in comparativ