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at [[/crowley/equinox/|here]]. Vol. III, 3 //The Equinox of the Gods// Reprinted by New Falcon, and as part of the "Bl... is part IV of Book 4, and can be found [[/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/|here]]. Vol. III, 4 //Eight Lectures on Yoga//—... of the New Aeon, and thus of the whole Work. In //Equinox// I (10), //The Equinox of the Gods//, //Equinox// III (9) (//The Holy Books of Thelema//) and other editions too numerous to list.  Online [[
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orking, described in the minutest detail in //The Equinox of the Gods//. At that time most of [[../libers/lib220|The Bo... Law//. I think you should have a copy of //[[../equinox-of-the-gods/|The Equinox of the Gods]]// and make //The Book of the Law// your constan... It would be better for you to get a copy of //The Equinox of the Gods// and study it. The Great Work is the uniting of ... o abundantly useful to me in the past (See //[[../equinox-of-the-gods/|Equ. of the Gods]]//, p. 138). My troubles disappeared like a flas
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- [[/hermeneuticon/Thelema The Law|IV]], see "The Equinox of the Gods"\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Book of Thoth]], v, xxvii, 20... The, general, why begun, 346\\ //[[/hermeneuticon/Equinox of the Gods]]//, reporter's story quoted, 228\\ [[/hermeneuti... rmeneuticon/God-form]], 90, 95\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Gods]], 95, 115, 163, 193, 196-198, 206, 231, 237, 264... et]], 308, 309;\\     --- [[/hermeneuticon/Hebrew Gods]], 311\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Max Heindl|Heindl, Max]
Chapter LXXXI: Method of Training
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II]] (//Magick in Theory and Practice//) and [[../equinox-of-the-gods/|IV]] (//The Equinox of the Gods//.)((For the whole history of the conception and ... e Law]]//, Montreal: 93 Publishing, 1974).  //The Equinox of the Gods// was not designated as part of //Book 4// on first publication, rather as //Equinox// vol. III no. 3; as far as I am aware, this lett
Chapter LI: How to Recognise Masters, Angels, etc., and how they Work
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or with Those whom we call "The Masters" or "The Gods": the messages of gestures which reach us through... 1.[[mwt_51#3|3]]] It was part of my plan for the Equinox to prepare a final edition of the work of Dr. Dee... the knuckles to cure me of that—but I said to the Gods "Observe, I have done my damnedest, and here I am... stress of mine, Jane Chéron, concerning who see //Equinox// Vol. I, "[[/crowley/equinox/i/viii/eqi08004|Thr
Chapter XXXIX: Prophecy
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nally given to me by the Masters, I got out //The Equinox of the Gods// at 6:22 a.m., Dec. 22. 1937, e.v.; and, to fulf... n Evocation of Bartzabel the Spirit of Mars" in //Equinox// [[/crowley/equinox/i/ix/|I (9)]], and "The Bartzabel Working" (Equinox IV (2) – T.S. \\ [[mwt_38|Previous Chapter]] | [[ind
Chapter L: A.C. and the "Masters"; Why they Chose him, etc.
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ference with proud bitter angry disbelief.  The //Equinox of the Gods// describes this in detail. But of course Their ... failed them, at every turn.)  Chapter V of //The Equinox of the Gods// might have been written with more emphasis; but... rges. **2**: See also "The Abuldiz Working" in //Equinox// IV (1). **3**: I am not totally clear which th
Chapter LXXV: The A∴A∴ and the Planet
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" were, she would say haltingly and stupidly "the gods," or some equally unhelpful term.  But she was al... permanent a form as possible. This I did in //The Equinox//.  I should perhaps have been strictly classical... d revive the shattered thought of mankind. //The Equinox//, in a word, was to be a sort of Rosetta Stone. ... ne//, are loyal emissaries of the Masters, or the gods!  Well, why not?  An analogy, once more. In the C
Chapter LXXI: Morality (2)
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reasonable assumption; if it was to anything in //Equinox of the Gods//, she was right and Crowley was wrong since the section of that book reprinted from //Equinox// I (7) was written by Crowley after Fuller had b
Chapter LXIII: Fear, a Bad Astral Vision
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uld be plain sailing. Of course, there are other Gods, notably Pan.  (I must ask you to set my [[../equinox/iii/i/eq0301005|Hymn to Pan]] to music).  But I d
Chapter LXXVIII: Sore Spots
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they are bad, they are horrid?—the presiding God/Gods of this Trinity is/are: 1. Sex, 2. Religion, 3. "... Psychology of Hashish", by Oliver Haddo in //The Equinox//, Vol. I, No. 2.  The general basis of this Essa
Chapter LXXXIII: Epistola Ultima
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tters an account, as clear and as succinct as the gods enable me to do, of what they may expect to have ... e higher still which is again destroyed. In //The Equinox//, Vol. I there is an essay called [[/crowley/lib
Chapter XXIX: What is Certainty?
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! and?]] in the first volume and number of //The Equinox//. But every one of those—rather significant, ni... me to imply "piety;" re-ligens, attentive (to the gods) as opposed to neg-ligens, neglectful.) I think
Chapter V: The Universe: The 0 = 2 Equation
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|The Soldier an The Hunchback: ! and ?]] in the //Equinox// I, 1. **†** I have discussed this and the foll... ed. Therefore you can have an infinite number of gods, individual and equal though diverse, each one su