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Abramelin operation
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[/crowley/equinox/i/iv/eqi04011j]] * [[/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/the-sacred-magic-of-abramelin-the-mage]] [[/pt/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/the-sacred-magic-of-abramelin-the-mage|PT]] * [
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the record of their dealings with that entity in Equinox IV-2. As a result of this communication they went... us water to a vast studio opening northwards. The gods took no chances. They meant me to live there and ... X. through the seer Ouarda is to be found in “The Equinox” No. VII of Vol. I.) * [[/crowley/confessions/c
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en in visions, a being purely astral."—[[/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/remarks-on-the-method-of-receiving-liber-legis]]
Aeon of Horus
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[[/crowley/confessions/chapter49]] * [[/crowley/equinox-of-the-gods/remarks-on-the-method-of-receiving-liber-legis]]